Is Pokémon GO dead?

Pokemon Go I have to admit, I have NEVER played Pokémon GO, but that is not really what this article is all about. What I find fascinating is the impulsive culture we live in. That explosive reaction that grown adults and children had with this game that at times seemed to put people’s lives at risk! I truly find it amazing how something can come along and it’s like the whole world just jumps on it all at once and then one day we all get sick of it. It’s very rare that something like this can keep us interested and not crash. Love it or hate it though, Fortnite seems to be pulling it off, but this isn’t about them.

Was this all just a temporary trend?

Absolutely it was, and I am sure a ton of people still fire the game up and go to town on it for awhile but most people seem to have moved on to others interests and left Pokémon GO to die alone in a cold ditch with no one to catch her. here, take a look at the Google trends for “Pokémon GO”: Pokemon GO trends This is such a stunning drop off, and it’s a shame that they captured so many people and were not able to update it to keep people coming back for more. They dropped the ball on this one.

How many people have died from playing Pokémon GO?

This may sound like a strange question to ask, but I just wanted to remind you all how ridiculous you were when you got sucked up into the hysteria. As of the time of this writing:
  • 17 people have been killed because of Pokémon GO.
  • 56 people have been injured playing Pokémon GO.
  • There is actually a website that keeps track:
Pokemon GO hysteria This picture is actually pretty tame to some of the madness and large groups of people that would run into traffic or risk their lives for this game.

How many people still play Pokémon GO in 2018?

According to some numbers I found, when the game first came out, a record breaking 120 million people downloaded the game. In 2018, there are only about 5 million users. That is such a massive drop but hopefully they cashed in while they could.
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