67 Cool Facts about GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5)

In today’s post I thought it would be interesting to just make a big list of interesting facts about Grand Theft Auto 5. Let’s just jump right into it!

  1. GTA V has multiple murder mysteries that are gruesome ex: Lenora
  2. There are multiple flying saucers in the sky, at the skybox limit, each looks different and one looks like an FIB ship.
  3. There are around 20 ship wrecks around San Andreas in the water, and some are pretty interesting, like one that mocks the disaster of the titanic being split in half.
  4. There is a Bigfoot sighting in one mission.
  5. The altruist web page is in Morse code that tells the player to go to the nude camp.
  6. Rockstar hired real gangsters to voice them in GTA V. The gangsters even changed the script to be more realistic.
  7. GTA V cost $270 million dollars to make, making it one of the most expensive video games of all time.
  8. If you pull up next to someone in a red light and rev your engine in a sports car, they will race you once the light turns green.
  9. If you take Michael’s car as Franklin or Trevor, he will call you and yell at you.
  10. If you shave your head or facial hair, stubble will grow in time.
  11. Prostitutes will sometimes have phone calls about how they need to pay off student loans or rent.
  12. At the end of an early mission, Lamar will make fun of Franklin’s haircut. Later, Lamar’s dialogue changes if you got a new hairstyle.
  13. You can send your contacts hunting pictures and they will respond. Most of them are confused or angry.
  14. If you follow female NPCs for a while, they’ll get confused and try to walk faster or look over their shoulder.
  15. If you do a burnout over a dead body, you’ll get a huge blood spray. Don’t try this at home.
  16. The moon phases change over the days and weeks.
  17. When you look behind your car, your character looks in the rear view mirror.
  18. When you restart the same mission multiple times, the dialogue changes.
  19. Birds can get sucked into the engine when you’re flying.
  20. If you drive on the left shoulder your controller vibrates on the left. The same happens when you drive on the right.
  21. If you see a dog walking by itself, a woman will ask you about her lost dog.
  22. If you break glass and walk over it, you can hear the crunching
  23. If you leave your character idle, he will switch into first person and ogle women and sports cars.
  24. If you drive at night with your headlights off, NPCs will flash theirs.
  25. If you punch someone wearing glasses, they will fly off their face.
  26. If you repeatedly rob a store, the clerk will recognize you and have a police officer in the store.
  27. If you’re talking on the phone you can’t flash your headlights.
  28. If you swim with Michael and track water inside, Amanda yells at you.
  29. If someone is in a chair, you can kick the chair from under them.
  30. GTA V took over one thousand people to create in a span of 5 years.
  31. GTA V’s world is about 81 km squared.
  32. Flip-flops actually flop when worn – they are not glued to the bottom of your foot.
  33. When wading in water, your clothes get wet – but only up to the point you actually waded. The rest of you stays dry.
  34. If you hail and hop into a taxi at the airport when someone was already waiting for one, they will get mad and shout at you, or try to pick a fight.
  35. There is a chance you can walk into a business while another random NPC is robbing it.
  36. Michael will confess to and discuss random events that just happened when visiting his psychiatrist, like sleeping with prostitutes or running over pedestrians.
  37. The little tink tink tink cooling off sound cars make when turned off is present.
  38. If you talk to a character on the phone and call them again right afterwards, they comment on having just spoke to you.
  39. Backfiring cars can ignite gas trails.
  40. Sometimes topless women will party at Vinewood mansions. Snap pictures of them with your phone and whey will call you a creep and their boyfriends will pick fights with you.
  41. If you stop your car in the road and block traffic, drivers behind you will flick you off.
  42. If you try to force Trevor to listen to certain kinds of music, hell get angry and override you, changing the radio station back himself.
  43. Sweat will seep through characters clothes if they run or exercise for an extended period of time.
  44. If you spend a lot of money customizing your car, random NPCs will stop and compliment you on it, and start snapping pictures.
  45. If you accidentally run over Michael’s wife, both characters react with unique dialogue, and she later sends you an angry bill for her hospital stay.
  46. If you try to snap a picture of a street performer without tipping them, they get angry.
  47. Sometimes street performers will get phone calls and will break character to answer and talk.
  48. Hikers on top of Mt. Chiliad take pictures of the view with their phone
  49. Michaels wife Amanda can be found on the games fake dating website, hushsmush.
  50. Dome lights turn on when you open car doors.
  51. After buying clothes for the Lifeinvader mission, if you return to the store the clerk asks how the interview went.
  52. After getting wasted and being discharged from the hospital, your character will still have cuts and bruises.
  53. The Dilettante, the in-game Prius clone, initially runs silent until you aggressively accelerate, at which point the engine kicks in.
  54. Burning rubber (or doing other attention-getting things) will lead to NPCs whipping out their phones to film you.
  55. Kicking cars can dent them.
  56. NPCs will cover their heads or run for awnings when it starts raining.
  57. You lose your GPS signal when entering a tunnel.
  58. Some characters voicemail messages will change as the game progresses, depending on where they are and what they’re doing at that point in the game.
  59. You can change your phones settings so it vibrates instead of rings when receiving a call.
  60. When all three characters are driving in a van, they are acting out and lip-synching their dialogue, even though it is only visible when switching to the rear view angle.
  61. When multiple characters can start a mission, the beginning mission dialogue is different depending on who you start the mission as.
  62. Return to the Ammu-Nation you entered for an early story mission and the clerk will talk about how cool your first conversation was, like something out of a movie.
  63. Braking suddenly and aggressively in your car lurches your character and any passengers forward thanks to momentum.
  64. In a police shootout, if you shoot one officer in the leg another might drag him behind cover to safety.
  65. Cars get dirtier the more they’re driven – especially offroad. NPCs will comment on especially dirty cars.
  66. Driving into the mountains can cause the radio signal of some city-based stations to be garbled and lost.
  67. Power lines sway in the wind.

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