Did blowing into game cartridges actually do anything?

game cartridges
If you are from the 1980s and 1990s then you probably remember growing up with these game cartridges as a kid. Sometimes as you were playing them or trying to get them started, they would freeze up or show a screen of death. Our way to fix them? Blow in them. Millions of children around the globe came together to come up with the same idea, which was to blow inside the cartridge and then try to play them again. No one told us to do this, however, we all did it. For some strange reason this was common knowledge that we as a people figured out. The funny thing is according to studies, is that it didn’t do or help a damn thing.
I think the idea was that we thought some dirt or debris got inside the game cartridge that was stopping us from playing our favourite games. We would take it out, and blow a huge burst of air into it. Put the game back in and it would start right up. This myth was debunked and it was found out that this was due to mechanical issues and the games would just get worn out quickly. I CALL NON-SENSE! GOOD DAY TO YOU SIRRRRRRRR!!!!! I don’t care what any study says, it worked damn it! Ok maybe it helped a little? No? Dear god why are you tearing apart my childhood like this? Why can’t you just leave things alone! Why am I crying now!?!?!?
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