Sonic The Hedhehog’s first appearance ever!

There was always something so awesome about Sonic and how fast he could sprint around like a little blue ball of hedgehog. The first title ever in his franchise came to us in June of 1991. However, this wasn’t his first appearance.

There was a game that was released about 6 months earlier in January of 1991 called “Rad Mobile” where you control a car in first person perspective and avoid traffic as you go along.

Sonic was first shown in any game as an air freshener in front of your face as you were driving through traffic.

Sonic as an air freshener!

Another cool fact about this, is that you can see Encino Man ( Played by Brendan Fraser ) playing Rad Mobile in the 1992 movie. This video game was actually quite a large success in arcade and moved to console.

Did you remember seeing Sonic in this game?

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