What if MineCraft was real life…

Could you imagine living in a world that looked and felt exactly like MineCraft? How would we handle this. Would it be chaos? How would life work?

I feel like there are two different major paths that would have different outcomes:

Scenario #1: We are all sitting at home watching Netflix when all of a sudden some genius kid named Craig invents a machine that explodes and somehow turns us all into some strange MineCraft world.

Scenario #2: We were born in this MineCraft world and know no other way of living.

In the 1st scenario, I think we would all go absolutely apes**t and chaos would soon follow. The world would burn, people would kill each other (can we re-spawn??) , theft would be insane, and the land would be covered with towers and gates with lava flowing out of them to keep others away.

In the 2nd scenario, I think we would actually be fine. Since this would be the only world we would know of, I don’t think it would be far off from the issues that we have in today’s real world. I am not saying it’s perfect, but I think we would establish law & order. We would have our own land and homes. You would still have the odd thief here or there but overall I think things would be just fine.

Domination by people who played MineCraft

If the world went from what it is now to MineCraft, the leadership would be flipped completely on it’s head. All of the young adults, teens, and kids that play MineCraft would instantly know what they are supposed to do.

They would group together and form alliances and factions that would dominate the rest of the world. There would probably be a consensus inside the factions that you would all need to create compounds that are secure. A place to protect your loved ones such as your mother or wife that have never played the game before.

The newbs would create awful weapons and shelters out of dirt and be absolutely slaughtered within days without protection.

After your faction was established, you would then probably form alliances with other factions, eventually leading to larger groups of land and resources coming together while going to war with others.

Eventually, probably after hundreds of years, the chaos might settle down and turn into a more peaceful world with countries and borders setup similar to today’s real world.

…but I have no fingers…

Yes, that does feel like it would be a problem. However, in the MineCraft world; the character seems to manage just fine. Collect resources, building things, farming, etc… All seem to be perfectly fine.

On a positive note, your hands would become extremely strong. You would be able to knock down trees and buildings with your mere fists.

Of course, a good finger here or there is always useful though…for uhhh… scratching yourself.

What about the poop?

What? Why are you asking about poop? Fine, let’s talk about it. Ugh…

Pile of MineCraft poop.

When we go to the bathroom, how exactly would that work? When we chew food does it turn into smaller blocks? When we need to go #1 or #2 does everything just flow out of us in the shape of blocks? Would that be painful as hell or is our whole digestive system the shape of a rectangle that passes blocks with no issues? These are the questions that need to be answered, and it won’t be from me because this is crazy and I have no idea why we are getting this deep into it!

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