Do Mario and Luigi have parents?

Have you ever wondered if Mario & Luigi have parents? By now, we hope you know that they are brothers, they are actually twin fraternal brothers. with Luigi being the taller slightly younger one, but what about their mother and father? The only time we have seen their parents are in a couple references in... Continue Reading →

Is Pokémon GO dead?

I have to admit, I have NEVER played Pokémon GO, but that is not really what this article is all about. What I find fascinating is the impulsive culture we live in. That explosive reaction that grown adults and children had with this game that at times seemed to put people's lives at risk! I truly... Continue Reading →

What if MineCraft was real life…

Could you imagine living in a world that looked and felt exactly like MineCraft? How would we handle this. Would it be chaos? How would life work? I feel like there are two different major paths that would have different outcomes: Scenario #1: We are all sitting at home watching Netflix when all of a... Continue Reading →

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