Do Mario and Luigi have parents?

Have you ever wondered if Mario & Luigi have parents? By now, we hope you know that they are brothers, they are actually twin fraternal brothers. with Luigi being the taller slightly younger one, but what about their mother and father?

The only time we have seen their parents are in a couple references in the Super Mario Bros. show and comic. We never actually see their faces though.

So I guess thats it? We will never know who their parents are? Well, not quite…There are some theories.

It’s actually pretty amazing how such simple and fun playing games actually had some insanely elaborate story lines if you were paying attention.

From what we have put together, it appears that in the original “Jumpman” games, it looks like Mario is a carpenter. Which does not fit with the timeline properly and it actually turns out that Mario in Jumpman isn’t Super Mario at all, it is his father. 

Jumpman also has a brother who looks like Luigi with dark hair, he is the father of Wario, which would make him the cousin of Mario and Luigi.

The storyline is so crazy and elaborate that the guys over at “The Game Theorists” do a way better job researching and explaining this all then I ever could. Have a watch of these awesome video made by them:

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