Violent video games should be banned!

So this is quite a topic of conversation for many years. It is a difficult one to write about because it is such a sensitive topic that people have connected to real life violence with children dying in school shootings.

The question is, should violent video games be banned? You hear this screamed by a large portion of the population, but what I have noticed is that these people seem to be looking for someone or something to blame. it has happened my whole childhood, blaming the WWF wrestling for child violence. Blaming Marilyn Manson for the Columbine shootings and many other examples.

Does the video game culture encourage violence in the real world?

Some people seem to think so. In a survey 25% of people believed that video games contribute to bad behavior and violence.

My personal opinion, if it matters, is that children are greatly influenced by their upbringing. How the people close to them in their lives treat them is a huge indicator of how that child will end up acting as a teenager or adult.

Children or teenagers seek out activities that match their personality. A violent child may seek out violent video games, but I don’t believe a violent video game makes a violent child.

I do not believe that video games change a person’s personality to the point that it would make them end another person’s life. To actually seek out a weapon and to murder someone takes a very unstable person that has been subjected to years of mental or physical abuse, someone that does not think logically.

A child that has been raised by decent guardians that put in place techniques for healthy living such as diet, exercise, and social life will probably not be involved in extreme violent acts.

Should violent video games be banned?

No, they should not. Video games have been such a huge part of my life. They helped me improve in so many aspects in regards to reading at a young age, problem solving, coordination, and even making gamer friends that I talk with on a regular basis.

There is some new movements happening now with children playing Fortnite, and how parents are believing it is leading to bad behavior. No, the bad behavior is letting a game raise your child. Tell them to get off for a few hours and go for a hike with them. Get to know your kids, get them active. Give them time to play their games as well. Provide balance. A game is not to blame for your parenting.

I believe in freedom for everyone to participate in anything that is harmless to others.

Video games do not kill people. A person that walks over to a weapon and hunts down real people and murders them do. These are mentally ill humans that required help but never did.

I actually wrote about this topic because I wanted to hear what your thoughts and opinions were. I am truly curious and would appreciate it if you would share them in the comments.

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