Why are the Orcs in World Of Warcraft so awesome?

Since the first time I played as an Orc in the World Of Warcraft games, I had this immediate pull towards the Orcs. They were just so damn cool looking with their ugly green faces and huge bulky muscles. I fell in love.

My favourite was back in the day when you would select the Orc campaign and absolutely destroy pitiful human villages.

About The Orcs

The Orcs are absolute war beasts found on Azeroth, originally coming from an alien world called Draenor. The Orcs were actually noble shamans, who were peaceful people until betrayed by one of their leaders and delivered to the “Burning Legion”.

The story goes that a young Shaman named Thrall took charge and fought back against their demon masters and to break free from their control.

Today, the Orcs are not a controlled people, they only fight for their rights to belong in the world they now live in. They do not go to battle for the shear destruction of it, instead they fight with purpose.

The storyline of the Orcs is massive, but we would like to instead talk about your experience with them, did you always enjoy playing as them as well? What did you think of the movie? Please let us know in the comments.

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